STOP Guru Hunting…. Great Post by Aaron Fletcher of “The Fletcher Method”

STOP Hunting Gurus... Great Post by Aaron Fletcher of "The Fletcher Method"

So one of my Industry Cohorts "Aaron Fletcher" recently published a Post on Facebook titled "Guru Hunting"... #GuruHunting and it really hit home with me. I was a early member of Aaron's Community and probably was a resistant Mentee. But after much Pain, Suffering and Web Toil I came to my Senses. I have adopted almost all of what Aaron preaches.

I have done Funnels (The Final Step) for other Members of the TFM and I never bypass the Foundational Frameworks and Teachings that Aaron puts in Place! Why Would I? He does all of the Heavy Lifting for Me and The CLIENT! I do the Builds and help the RUBBER MEET THE ROAD! I use all of his Stuff now!It is Like a Great 1 -2 Punch! Aaron HITS 1st (Some People probably need it to get it through their Head and I come in for the 2 Punch and Get the FUNNEL Built (TFM Blueprints... Love the 1 Page Funnel)

So listen up... The Perfect Funnel Masterclass is the Exact 3 Step Marketing Strategy that Aaron used to go from $0 to 7 Figures in Sales without Webinars or Complicated Marketing Funnels...LEARN MORE about The Perfect Funnel Masterclass here:

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Local SEO – Why you Must Invest in it!

Local SEO – Why you Must Invest in it!

Local SEO - Google My Business Google Local

So where do we start on Local SEO?

I am going to give you 1, Just 1 Reason why you MUST Invest in Local SEO!

  • Google wants you To!

Ok – I will give you 2 Reason!

  • What GOOGLE Wants – Google Gets! Don’t Resist it… Run with it – All the Way to the Bank!

It is a VERY GOOD Investment – No STRONG ARM Tactics… It is just the Way of the Web! And it is Part of our “90 Day Launch Plan” anyway!

Local SEO is not just GOOGLE – There are other Parts – but getting FOUND on Google Locally Starts with GOOGLE! Google Places, Google My Business and other elements make this a very Smart Investment!

Then Layer in Social Media Optimization and make Sure your  Google+ Profile is Right and you are on your Way! No One said you have to Google Adwords (But I would Invest a SMALL Budget to be on the REAL Radar), but over 90% of Search Locally is done on Google… Get in the Game and do it the Right Way!

Thirve SMO Package PROMO Q1-Q2 2017

Social Media Optimization Matters!

 Social Media Optimization is the NEW SEO! Here is Why… Social Media Optimization Services

 5 Reasons { I could give you 50! } you Need to Invest in SMO (Social Media Optimization)

  • Google Changed their Indexing Criteria
  • Content and Engagement are Key for Indexing
  • Local SEO Matters!
  • You need Relevant Content that is Consumed
  • You need POSITIVE Reviews!

There are so many Good Reasons Right Now to do SMO that it is Hard to talk about anything before considering this route! It in my Opinion has the Highest ROI of any Marketing Activities… from a Dollar for Dollar Basis!

Thirve SMO Package PROMO Q1-Q2 2017

Website Optimization and CRO Services that help increase your ROI!

REDUCE BOUNCE: Convert more Leads & Sales + Increase ROI from your website traffic, through Smarter Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies!

We HATE Bounce! Reduce Bounce – Enhance Engagement & Conversions! Our website optimization services can help improve your company’s website conversion rate by up to 300% or more! Even if you feel that your Site is doing OK, we can make it your conversion rate even Better! Getting alot of traffic to your website is OK, but BOUNCE is Frustrating and it is always better to get High Engagement, Subscribers and ultimately conversions with Revenue is the Goal! That is  what our conversion optimization is all about – INCREASING your website visitors that convert to Leads, Prospects and Sales. And Ultimately MORE Profits.
We use a variety of Techniques and Strategies to Grow your CRO!
MMT #UPDATE# Ultimate Website Checklist 2017
Conversion Rate Optimization - CRO - Increase your Digital Marketing ROI with Great Optimization Strategies!

3 Reasons your website needs conversion optimization:

  • Grow your Subscriber List (Your LIST = OPPORTUNITY & MONEY!
  • More Leads/Prospects / Sales – Higher conversion rates = More sales and leads from your existing website traffic. MORE for the SAME or MORE for LESS! Stop Letting CUSTOMERS Walk out of the Store!
  • Decreased Lead Acquisition Cost – raising your conversion rate means you spend less advertising money for each lead or sale you make. Lower LAC means more to Spend on PPC if you do already!
  • More Profit – More leads & sales + decreased costs add up to more profits! Whether you have an ecommerce site, landing page for lead gen, or any other type of website, improved conversions means increased profits – Period!
  • Easier SCALABILITY – With enhanced CRO you can get to a point where you SCALE more Rapidly. Once you have a Predictable Marketing Equation – SCALE to your Marketing Hearts Content!